Bistro Chicken (Broadway Books, February 2004) is a delectable, upscale approach to America’s favorite main dish, featuring 100 fresh ideas for quick meals or special dinners.   Bringing a range of French flavor—from Provence to Normandy—to the dinner table, Bistro Chicken combines ease with elegance.

Mary’s clear, concise directions feature tips on everything from mess-free marinades to the fastest way to pit an olive, making preparation a breeze.   The secrets to flawless sautéing, simmering, stewing and grilling, as well as the perfect Classic Roast Chicken are revealed, along with a host of savory appetizers, omelets, salads and casseroles.

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The One-Dish Chicken Cookbook: 120 Simply Delicious Recipes from Around the World (Broadway Books, February 28,2006) provides easy but exceptional recipes from around the world to help you serve up chicken with more flair and less hassle than you ever thought possible.  These one-dish wonders save dinner by showing you how the bird in your fridge and the pot from your cupboard can be the basis for a satisfying meal that’s even a snap to clean up.


This book is currently out of print and cannot be ordered through this site.  Check for possible vendors of used copies.





Mary’s first cookbook, Vegetable Creations, features innovative uses for all types of vegetables in recipes covering appetizers, salads, soups, sides, main dishes and desserts. Part of the Cooking Arts Collection™ of the Cooking Club of America, this book is currently unavailable.



Mary also contributes to A Woman’s Paris by Barbara Redmond.  Her recent post is: